Bureau of Fire Protection – Fire District III

Pasay Fire Stations & Sub-stations Contact Numbers:

Central Fire Station: +632 844-2120, +632 843-6523
Malibay Pasay Fire Sub-station: +632 851-0869
Senate Fire Sub-station: +632 552-6601 local 1999
Kalayaan Fire Sub-station: +632 776-08-22 (thru Barangay)
Villamor Air Base Fire Sub-station: +632 853-5031, +632 854-6722

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  1. Brian House says:

    I am Brian House and I am part owner of a condo in the Parkside Villas, Newport City. I have many concerns about conditions that exist from faulty workmanship, that pose a fire hazard. Who can I contact, with my concerns, as I am unable to live in my condo at this time and reside out on Palawan. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  2. Patrick DAcanay says:

    Dear Sir and Madam,

    I am Patrick Dacanay and I live in Unit 1722 Park Avenue Mansion which is situated Pasay.

    The building administrator implemented a new security feature in our lobby which I feel is an obstruction when emergency arrives.

    They installed a turnstile like devices in the lobby as well as on the second floor parking exit. Both exit are very critical as this are the only means of all the tenant of this 21 storey building can securely leave the premise once emergency, such as fire, arises.

    I feel very unsafe and I think that the building administrator violated Presidential Decree No. 1185, FIRE CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES. I believe that the turnstile can be defined as a FIRE TRAP as well as a FIRE HAZARD which is defined in the decree.

    The condominium association doesn’t want to interfere with the matter thus I am writing this letter in behalf of all the children, elderly and all the tenant in the building who might get trap or injured once an emergency arises. I don’t want to see a fire news that will exceed the damage that Ozone Disco showed our history.

    Please reply to this email to acknowlegde receipt. You may get in touch with me thru mobile 0917-5755728 or email me at

    Yours truly,
    Patrick Dacanay

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