Bureau of Fire Protection – Fire District III

Muntinlupa Fire Stations & Sub-stations Contact Numbers:

Muntinlupa Fire Station: +632 842-2201, +632 772-3994
Central Fire Station: +632 772-3945 (Fax)
Ayala Fire Sub-station: +632 809-8460
New Bilibid Fire Sub-station: thru radio
Sucat Fire Sub-station: +632 842-3611

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  1. Rene Schepers says:

    Dear Reader,

    I’m just a tourist in your country. I would like to report a potentionally dangerous situation for one of your governemental buildings. Both emergency exits of the building have been blocked. One moving staircase is obstructed by cars parked beneath of it and the ‘regular’ emergency exit is used as a storage area.

    I think, especially governemental organisations should act as an example for how it should be. If you send me a contact email address, I will send you some pictures and the location information.

    Hopefully the existing situation will be corrected to prevent a more serious outcome in case of an emergency.

    Best regards

    Rene Schepers

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