Bureau of Fire Protection – Fire District I

City of Manila Fire Stations & Sub-stations Contact Numbers:

San Nicolas Fire Sub-station: +632 243-2871
Tanduay Fire Station: +632 313-0384
Paco Fire Sub-station: +632 523-3402, +632 525-4714
Intramuros Fire Sub-station: +632 301-1101
Pandacan Fire Sub-station: +632 563-1074
Tondo Fire Sub-station: +632 245-3403
San Lazaro Fire Sub-station: +632 309-9645
Sta. Mesa Fire Sub-station: +632 716-6426
Gagalanging Fire Sub-station: +632 253-9551
Sta. Ana Fire Sub-station: +632 338-7667
Arroceros Fire Sub-station: +632 528-0641
Sampaloc Fire Sub-station: +632 749-7194
MalacaƱang Fire Sub-station: +632 735-1894, +632 564-1451 local 6900
Bacood Fire Sub-station: +632 714-6973


  1. mike unson says:

    My next door neighbor is a hoarder. They have their whole house full of papers old books old clothes etc. The whole house is full of junk that I believe are all fire hazard. There is no place to move around inside both houses they occupy. What can you do about this situation. Please help me cause they continue to bring rubbish inside that even the car park is full of junk. Pls tell me what to do, or can you inspect the property. Add.239akisig St Bacood Sta Mesa Manila. Pls reply, thank you very much.

  2. janice says:

    Good day po..i just want to propose my new first world highest power and sensivity of 142db@300watts in 1 meter HORN SPEAKER this products is really help.. If you need a demo for clarifying and knowing about our product please contact 09493686386 email

  3. jose ochoa says:

    Good Evening,
    i am jose ochoa and i need to volunteer for firemen to have a training certificate please send me an email to my email account thank you.

  4. claudio masina says:

    good morning,
    I am an italian firefighter and I need a contact with maynila fire department; please could you send me a e-mail address of central fire station or pubblic relations?
    Thanks and greetings from Italy

    CRE Claudio Masina
    Comando P.le Vigili del Fuoco Varese – Italy

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