Bureau of Fire Protection – Fire District I

City of Manila Fire Stations & Sub-stations Contact Numbers:

San Nicolas Fire Sub-station: +632 243-2871
Tanduay Fire Station: +632 313-0384
Paco Fire Sub-station: +632 523-3402, +632 525-4714
Intramuros Fire Sub-station: +632 301-1101
Pandacan Fire Sub-station: +632 563-1074
Tondo Fire Sub-station: +632 245-3403
San Lazaro Fire Sub-station: +632 309-9645
Sta. Mesa Fire Sub-station: +632 716-6426
Gagalanging Fire Sub-station: +632 253-9551
Sta. Ana Fire Sub-station: +632 338-7667
Arroceros Fire Sub-station: +632 528-0641
Sampaloc Fire Sub-station: +632 749-7194
MalacaƱang Fire Sub-station: +632 735-1894, +632 564-1451 local 6900
Bacood Fire Sub-station: +632 714-6973

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  1. Pls check mga dormitory Sa likod Ng UE.along gastambide
    Wala fire alarm at fire extinguisher. Exit di maayos. Thanks

  2. Tanya says:

    What are the standard fees and charges for the issuance of a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate for a small-medium business enterprise?

    We are renting a small space in Binondo, Manila.
    We were approached by a man wearing a polo shirt with BFP logo and he said that a FSIC will cost us Php2,500.00 [negotiable].

    We would like to clarify with BFP Manila City division as we want to avoid getting involved in possible corrupt practices.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

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